I offer all types of patios, skillion, gable , more or less any shape of patio can be designed and constructed using a wide variety of materials. From the budget range which is galvanised steel to the top of the range with powder coated posts and beams in high grade aluminium with gloss roof sheeting.

All our patios can be constructed using insulated roof sheeting which can span up to 7. 2 metres unsupported giving you total insulation from the heat.


Carports can be tailored to individual needs. Whether you need to cover your car, boat , campervan, or motor home , we will come up with the right design at the right price and material are the same as used in the patios.

Room Enclosures

Also for those looking for extra room why not let me enclose your patio with sliding doors and windows to create a beautiful sun room for those cool winter months and with the extensive use of sliding doors the whole room can be opened up in summer to let the breezes through. Of course free quotes are available for your room enclosure.